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Product to introduce in the ponds and get rid of algae, mainly the filamentous ones. It is not harmful to the health of aquatic animals.

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The biggest problem for pond owners in Spain is undoubtedly algae.

Algae are plants that make use of the same nutrients as any water plant. Foods called “nitrats” are the result of the nitrogen cycle. The nitrogen cycle reflects how bacteria filter converts toxic ammonia (from the gills and feces, rotting food, decaying plants) into nitrite and then into less harmful nitrate which in turn is food for plants and algae.

Algae can be divided into two categories: the floating algae and blanket weed

Floating algae

The best description of these algae is “pea soupe” The water is green and you can barely see the fish swimming.

Both types of algae could be easily removed with chemicals, although this is not recommended because the chemicals contain harmful elements to the biosystem and fish. I’m talking about copper and other heavy metals. The best known and best work device to break floating algae are called UV-units. The pond water passes, that simply “burn” the algae ultraviolet light and then get trapped in the filter. You must use 2.3 watts per 1,000 liters of pond water in Spain.

Blanket weed

This time against floating algae exists only in the clear and oxygenated water (which is also why it will never encounter the two categories of algae in the pond itself)

These algae consist of long chains of weed stuck to the bottom and walls of the pond. They have the ability to grow very fast, so it could become several feet long in just a few days. This phenomenon is causing real problems such as blogs and drainage pumps, choking other aquatic plants, and some fish such as sturgeon can not swim back and put down too, and do not forget the aesthetic aspect of it.

Algae produce changes in acidity and hardness as a result of which the plant can not grow.

Blanket weed can now be treated with a new product that is completely apart from water plants amphibians and fish. Algisin Colombo is a product by the enzymatic effect prevents algae from obtaining enough food to grow. When bad blanket after treatment with herbal Algisin have disappeared, it is important to avoid growth here. Best long-term solution is achieved through natural means. The provision of adequate plants, which also get their food directly from the water-eg hornwort, water soldier, waterweed, water milfoil skewers and bright pondweed.

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