How we work

All in one

This is the way we work, step by step.


  • Location of the area where the pond will be build.
  • Choice of the appropriate size, type and shape depending on the available space, the characteristics of the area, and the client’s wishes and budget.

Planning and design

  • Design and choice of filters, waterfalls, pumps, etc…

Depending on the calculated square metres, climate (sunny or shady), and choice of animals and plants in the pond we choose type and size of the filters. We will suggest the most adequate brand in accordance with the client’s needs and budget. Then we can start installing the filters and pumps, underground or hidden for example behind a waterfall.


  • Determination of the final offer including all technical and design elements.
  • On-site explanation of the building procedure.

Once decisions are made about location, size, choice of filters and pumps, decorative elements, maintenance, etc. we will present a final offer and explain the procedures, answer questions and make arrangements with the client.


Construction and installation

  • Preparation of the site and if necessary excavation for the foundation and base.
  • Pre-installation of pump systems and electricity.
  • Construction and if necessary reinforcement of the walls.
  • Sealing and painting.
  • Construction of the waterfall, placing of stones and preparation of green areas.
  • Final installation of pumps, filters and electricity.



  • Plantation and filling with water.

Once the ideal water level is reached, the animals can be introduced in their new home.