About us

The purpose of our website is to provide lovers of aquatic areas in their gardens, (such as streams, fish ponds, and other water features etc …) and make you aware of our company, which is dedicated to the specialist design, planning and construction of your unique pond or water feature.


So, when you contact us, with your initial ideas and thoughts for a pond or waterfall in a pool, lazy river, or other water feature, we can help you by showing you the latest advances in the design and creation of such water features that are currently booming. In recent years water features in our gardens have grown from just being a pool, to being the main focal point and a feast for the eyes. To provide you, your family and friends endless pleasure, and also the admiration of others who see your special design.


AguainGarden was born, to help you plan, design and create your meeting point with nature, that point where the senses enjoy the beauty and charm, the light reflected in the water, so characteristic of the sound of the water slapping against the rocks to fall on source or cascading or visual enjoyment of colors so characteristic of Koi Japanese carp or lily on the water surface.


Who we are?

AguainGarden is a company dedicated to the design, construction and maintenance of Koi ponds, water features.
Our design team can advise on aquatic life stock i.e. Koi. Sturgeons gold fish and the like together with water plants and other pond features. We specialize in artificial rivers, waterfalls. Streams, Fountains etc… to enhance the visual appearance of your aquatic feature. Also decorative underwater lighting can bring your garden feature to life ensuring many pleasurable hours of watching the fish. Location of your water feature within the garden is very important taking into consideration many aspects including mechanical excavation, construction, sunlight, shade and accessibility.


Our Experience accumulated over the last 9 years can advise and help you in choosing the most beneficial location within your garden.
A very important requirement for your pond is the filtration and electro-mechanical equipment necessary to maintain clarity of the water and nutritional equilibrium to maintain healthy fish and plants life. We as AguaInGarden can advise and obtain the best possible equipment for your pond sourced from all over Europe, installed by our technicians including plumbing and electrical installations to current regulations.
Our guarantee is that we ensure all out customers are 100% satisfied with their new water feature, and we can offer a maintenance contract at very reasonable cost  ensuring  your garden feature gives you continuous pleasure.  guillotinavalvula75 vijver-pomp-red-label-naked-pump-art_3aem041-s22proA-M_PNG (222)