Pond reform and waterproofing. Calpe – 2015

Reform waterfall and waterproofing. Javea – 2015


Waterfall with green water and leaks. Repairing and improving. Javea – 2015

Cleaning and repair waterproofing.

First clean the surface of the waterfall, move some of the stones and project a waterproof material into soft shapes and improving the appearance.

When finished, install pump power and low consumption to raise the water and this begins its path.


Building a pond relaxation area – Javea – 2015

4 metersby 5 meters pond with 60 cm of water depth, made with the idea that it is a

aquatic garden in a relaxing area of the house.


Pond construction in a property of Extremadura. 2014 – 2015

Step by step construction and design of it.

Project type aquarium pond, used for contemplation of Koi carp.

Owner biologist and understood in aquatic animals.

Complete project of simple maintenance and water quality.


Reform pond in the base of Montgo. Javea – 2014

We was there with a pond APDM liner loosing water and never has the clear water.

The first thing is to empty and clean the pond. PDM liner is removed and the glass pond is gunited with concrete.

It is waterproof everything including stone waterfall. The filters work are old, and it is completely renovated and upgraded with modern methods and current products.

Result: The owners see the pond bottom after several years without remembering depth.


Reform and improvement of a pond in Calicanto – Valencia – 2014

A pond in disrepair, and always with green water is reformed and it is instalated a new filtration system,

this system is more professional and effective.


Construction of a pond – 2011

How to make a pond, step by step…

Private Project in Jávea, 2011


Our first pond – 2005

It was our first pond like AguaInGarden,

Before, we maked another ponds or repair ponds.


Prefabricated pond – 2011