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At last online: the agua in garden website


At last online: the Agua in Garden website
Many clients, friends, Koi-fans and lovers of aquatic habitats asked us to create our website. They told us that before knowing Agua in Garden they didn’t know where to ask for advice if they wanted to have a creek running under a pergola, a pond for their Koi, or a fountain on the roundabout of a parking. Knowing our expertise in the field of creating aquatic areas in gardens, natural swimming pools, large aquariums, etc, they  advised us to create a website where newcomers to the aquatic world, an especially Koi-fans could find information and ask for advice, since many of them start from scratch.


Finally, here it is! Aguaingarden.com is online. We hope you’ll like it and that it will help you develop your ideas. On this website you will find information about our services and the way we work and examples of projects. We will be glad to give you all the advice you need to plan your project correctly right from the start. We offer everything from ponds, creeks and waterfalls to fountains. Let us inspire you!


Note. We used to be a company that builds swimming pools but after constructing several ponds we decided to specialize in the construction of aquatic habitats such as ponds, brooks, fountains and waterfalls.