The products we use

For the construction of our ponds we use exclusively high quality products. We use filters and pumps of internationally well-known brands such as EVOLUTION AQUA and SERA, as they offer the best quality and service.
Choosing the right filters, pumps and water clarifiers can be difficult and depends on the type and size of your pond, the quality you want and your budget. We will provide you with all the necessary information you need to make the right choice.



If your pond is meant to house delicate types of fish that need professional care we will use large mechanical and biological filters of very high quality in order to assure the best possible water quality. For smaller ponds or ponds with less delicate animals or only water plants and moving water we can use simpler and more inexpensive filters. We can choose from a wide range of filters; underground, at water level, with a pump, or filters that work by gravity, etc.


Water pumps

If your water pump has to work 24 hours a day you will need a pump of very high quality which is more expensive but as this type of pump consumes less electricity you will recover these extra expenses in the long run. If your pump only needs to work a couple of hours a day you can choose a more affordable type of pump although it will consume more electricity.


Air pumps

Oxygen is vital for all aquatic life, not only Koi and other fish but also the bacteria that help us to maintain a balanced ecosystem. For this reason we offer a range of air pumps and oxidators so you can choose the ones most suitable for your situation.


UV clarifiers

If you keep fish in your pond and want to be able to see them without any problem, the first thing to do is to eliminate the unicellular algae that give the water in many ponds its characteristic green colour. UV clarifiers use ultraviolet light to eliminate these algae without harming other organisms, thus ensuring a balanced environment for your fish. UV clarifiers exist in different capacities, from 11W up to 55W. We will choose the one most suitable for your pond and we might advise the installation of more than one clarifier for large ponds.




Important to Know