The AguainGarden ponds

Aguaingarden builds ponds in every imaginable shape and size in accordance with your budget, to keep fish or tortoises, or to create a different garden with water plants and flowers, waterfalls, fountains or creeks which will be the envy of your neighbours. You decide!


All our ponds are installed with biological and/or mechanical filters, water pumps, and timers so you won’t have to worry about connecting and disconnecting the installation in order to keep the water clean. Decorative lighting can be included in the design to make your pond look beautiful on those summer nights when you sit in your garden enjoying the sound of your waterfall or fountain.

Aguaingarden offers three different types of ponds.


1. Concrete ponds:

Concrete or reinforced concrete, the material used for swimming pools, allows us to build ponds in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are three possible types of construction:


  • Excavated at ground level resembling a small lake with the advantage of maintaining the ideal water temperature.
  • Raised above ground level in order to avoid excavation in situations where this would be difficult or impossible.
  • Mixed: this pond is partially raised above ground level and gives you the opportunity to observe your Koi carps while leaning against the pond wall.


2. Ponds made of pond liner:

Both excavated and mixed ponds can be made using pond liner which exists in different materials and prices. Pond liner is easy to use and relatively cheap which makes it ideal for the construction of small ponds of up to 10 cubic metres.


Compared to other materials pond liner has got a shorter lifespan, makes it more difficult to hide pumps etc. and is more vulnerable to small damage, for instance caused by a falling pot or stone, which may lead to water loss.


3. Prefabricated ponds:

Prefabricated ponds can be installed rather quickly and are very convenient for building smaller ponds without the necessity of construction activities. They are usually installed underground. After digging out the hole and placing the pond, decoration is used to hide the plastic and the filter installation as much as possible. This type of pond can by installed above ground level although this is usually not advisable.