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Pigmented, high-protein food for fast growth and vivid, vibrant colors!

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Pigmented, high-protein food for fast growth and vivid, vibrant colors!

Astax is the ultimate growth food with carotenoids for color enhancement. All ingredients are carefully selected for taste, digestibility and constant quality. Organic acids have been added in order to optimize the digestion in all circumstances.

The high content of fish and vegetable proteins ensures good growth while maintaining the right proportions of koi. ASTAX contains the carotenoid astaxanthin and peppers which are rich in carotenoids. The carotenoids provide the rich colors in the koi.

Optimal condition!

Krill flour has been added, thus increasing the attractiveness and the good consumption of the feed. The levels of the vitamins are adapted to the needs of the growing koi. ASTAX is enriched with inulin, a polysaccharide with prebiotic properties. It is a food source for beneficial microflora in the intestine. Positive bacteria are essential for good gut health, and this is of great importance for the overall health of the fish.

Nutritional analysis:

Crude protein: 45 %.

Fat: 9 %.

Raw cellulose: 1 %.

Gross ash: 11 %.

Total P: 1.5

Astaxanthin 5 mg/kg

Added vitamins:

Vit. A 26,000 IU/kg

Vit. D3 1,200 IU/kg

Vit. E 230 mg/kg

Vit C (stable) 350 mg/kg

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Store cool and dry.

Do not overfeed.

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